Dog Paradise

Live the resort lifestyle with your furry friend by your side – our dog-friendly facilities provide extra comfort and peace of mind for you and your pet.


Dog Paradise Yatsugatake

Izumigo, Yatsugatake-Kogen Dog Paradise

Bring your pet dog to Yatsugatake-Kogen Dog Paradise, where there are spacious dog runs in the forest to enjoy. With endless avenues for fun, create a memorable experience for you and your dog in this comfortable resort.

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Dog Paradise Tateshina

Izumigo, Tateshina Dog Paradise

Get in touch with nature and enjoy away from the bustling city life. With endless space for your dog to roam, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation.

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Dog Paradise Azumino

Izumigo, Azumino Dog Paradise

Bring your family and four-legged friend to this dog haven exclusively for dog owners and experience the great outdoors. Rejuvenate your tired body at the hot springs provided in every cottage. With a new cottage launched in February 2018 that has a dog run, your pet can now have untethered fun in an open space. […]

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Dog Paradise Takayama

Izumigo, Takayama Dog Paradise

Takayama Dog Paradise is a resort hotel located at the historical Hida Takayama, famous for its sightseeing spots. With endless nature surrounding the area, let your pet dog run free at this hotel.

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Dog Paradise Toba

Izumigo, Toba Dog Paradise

Admire the stunning Toba Bay from Toba Dog Paradise where the freshest food is served for you and your pet dog. Spend your day along the coastline and explore the spacious region with your dog.

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Dog Paradise Matsusaka

Izumigo, Matsusaka Dog Paradise

Head to Matsusaka Dog Paradise in the heart of the mountains and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors with your pet dog. A quiet place to be, refresh yourself at this resort far from the chaotic city life.

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