Takayama is a historic location in Gifu Prefecture that brings visitors back in time with its old-town atmosphere. Considered one of the top tourist spots in Japan, Takayama boasts many temples, shrines, and old shopping streets lined with traditional buildings. The Hida-Kokubunji Temple, one of the oldest structures in the city, stands next to a 1200-year-old ginkgo tree. Takeyama is also known as “Little Kyoto” and visitors can spend hours looking at local crafts or trying the local sake. Besides its historic downtown, Takayama also offers an exquisite view of the Northern Japanese Alps via the Shin-Hokata Ropeway. Takayama’s history, culture and vast nature contribute to its title as the top tourist destination in Gifu, Chubu region, and one of the best in Japan.


Dog Paradise Takayama

Izumigo, Takayama Dog Paradise

Takayama Dog Paradise is a resort hotel located at the historical Hida Takayama, famous for its sightseeing spots. With endless nature surrounding the area, let your pet dog run free at this hotel.

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