Japanese’s Summer Secret Food

Yamanashi, Kiyosato and Yatsugatake

①Secret Food: Kai Salmon

Yamanashi’s waters are ideal for salmon breeding. Species up to 50 and 80cm in length are found there. They weight an average of 1kg.You can eat it fresh right after being caught. We recommend eating it as Sashimi or Sushi. It has a balanced fatty taste and a nice red color. Enjoy the taste!

②Secret Food: Beef made with Koshu Wine

「Beef made with Koshu Wine」it can only be eaten at “Grape City” Yamanashi. For this secret beef, the cow is fed with grape residual from the wine production .Soy pulp, Wheat with another mix fodder. It has a fresh taste, it’s tender and juicy.

③Secret Food: Koshu Chicken

Raised in a natural environment, without any kind of chemicals or antibiotics. To raise the ideal state, chicks are raised for 120 days before they are suitable for consumption.

Nagano, Azumino and Tateshina

①Secret Food: Shinshu Soba

Renowned all over japan, the Shinshu Soba has a long history. Its unique and fresh taste.Attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s perfect food for the summer. It’s healthy and it will fill you with energy.

②Secret Food: Shinshu Salmon

Bred from rainbow and brown trout. This unique species has a remarkable flavor and fresh taste. It’s better eaten as sashimi or with rice. Enjoy the one of a kind sweet experience of the Shinshu salmon.

③Secret Food: Thick Udon

The thick udon is a traditional Nagano dish. The soup ingredients include radish,miso, bonito flakes and scallions. The radish gives it a spicy touch, a perfect match to the udon’s texture.A bowl of this udon will definitely reenergize you.

Shizuoka, Izu-kogen and Hamanakko

①Secret Food: Shizuoka Whitebait

Whitebait is a delicacy that you can enjoy at its best here. The fishermen that collects it have created a system that preserves its freshness. It’s best paired with egg and recommend it to the whole family. Even children can enjoy its taste.

②Secret Food: Hamanako Eel

When people think about hamanako. They think about eel. Many eels are raised in this location. They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, EPA and DHA. It has a low calorie count. It’s healthy and will keep you fit.

③Secret Food: Squid Fried Noodles

This is a local specialty dish. The squid’s ink is used to give color to the noodles and produce the sauce as well. It’s matched with a variety of vegetables and, of course, the fresh squid from the area.

Mie, Matsusaka and Toba

①Secret Food :Ise Udon

It’s Mie’s prime dish. It has a really sweet aroma and a perfect chewy texture. You might think the color comes from the soy sauce , but that’s not the case. Come and find out the secret of the Ise udon. You won’t need a lot of time to eat it, but the taste will last for a long time.

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②Secret Food : Akafuku

You might have experienced mochi (rice cake) with red bean paste in it. Get ready to have a different experience. Akafuku mochi is a pounded rice cake confection topped with a sweet bean paste. Akafuku was established about 300 years ago in 1707 as a tea house in Ise to welcome those visiting the Ise Grand Shrine. It’s a delightful and unique taste. In this summer enjoy it with green tea ice cream.

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③Secret Food : Mie Tekone Sushi

Mie tekone sushi is a Mie specialty. It was created by the fishermen from the area. The tuna and bonito are matched with basil and seaweed to give it a special taste. It’s a healthy meal that contains DHA and EPA. People usually add soy sauce to it. When you go there, make sure you try this magnificent dish.

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