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Highlights around Tateshina

1. Izumigo Hotel Ambient Tateshina

Izumigo Hotel Ambient Tateshina stands on the ridge of Megamiko Lake, and all guest rooms offer views of the lake and Mount Tateshina.

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2. Lake Megami

987 Lake Megami, Tateshina, Kitasaku district, Nagano

Enjoy views of this peaceful lake whose surface reflects Mount Tateshina, also known as "Mountain Goddess"! There are also outdoor activities suitable for adults and children. The recreational kayaks are easy to use are ideal for nearly all ages.

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3. Kurumayama Mountain Lift

3413 Kitayama, Chino, Nagano

Located on one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, the Kirigamine Mountain Lift will take you to the top of Mount Kuriyama (altitude: 1,925m) in approximately 15 min. Enjoy the highland landscape from one of two 4-seater cars during the ascent, and admire the majestic panorama overlooking Mount Shirakabako and Mount Tateshina during the descent.

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4. Yashima Marshland

Higashimata, Shimosuwa, Suwa district, Nagano

Yashima-gahara Marshland grows 1mm every year and is now 12,000 years old. It is a designated national treasure and cultural property, while the surrounding marsh is home to numerous animals and flora. Many alpine plants, stunning flowers and diverse fauna discreetly live among this wild environment. Observe the ever-changing landscape of the impressive marshland while enjoying a nice walk.

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5. Mishaka Pond

Toyohira, Chino, Nagano

A wonderful spot in Chino, Nagano Prefecture where the pond's surface perfectly reflects the foliage and sky. Whether it's the abundant greenery in early summer or the red leaves in fall, the colors never stop changing. At night it is the twinkling stars and moon that are reflected on the water. Discover the mysterious yet peaceful atmosphere which inspired Kai Higashiyama's painting "Green Echo".

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6. Tateshina Free Farm

3905-1 Yonezawa, Chino, Nagano | 9am–5:30pm

Opened in 2016, the Venus Line allows you to enjoy nature regardless of the season, connecting Tateshina-Kogen, Kirigamine, and Midogahara-Kogen. Delight in tasty vegetables from Tateshina-Kogen, local fruits from Shinshu, and other delicious agricultural products available in Shinshu's Antenna shop, the biggest in the Kanto Koushinetsu region.

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7. Nagato Ranch

3539-2, Nagawa, Daimon, Chiisagata District, Nagano

Taste various homemade dairy products prepared using fresh local milk from cows bred in 211 hectares of grazing land (45 times the size of Tokyo Dome!) at an altitude of 1400 m in Shinshu Shirakaba Kogen. You can interact with many cute animals, such as goats and alpacas, and try horse riding as well as making your own dairy products! Enjoy this authentic farm in an unspoiled natural environment.

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Special Service for Izumigo Hotel Ambient Tateshina Guests: Nature Guide JPY 5000 (include tickets and lunch)