Information about Reopen

Dear Guests:

So far, for strengthened to prevent the spreading and damage of the CORONAVIRUS infection, protect guests and our employee safety. We temporarily closed our hotels and cottages since April.

Recently, in accordance with relevant Japanese government new regulations, released in 14, May, 2020.

「The Japanese government decided to lift the state of emergency for 39 prefectures (include our hotels and cottages area).」

We decided reopen our hotels and cottages, based on  CORONAVIRUS  infection preventive measures as the government requires. More details as below:

1) Reopen Date: Starts from 5, June, 2020 (First Friday)

2) Temporary Closure Date: From 20, April, 2020 (Third Monday) to 4, June, 2020 (First Thursday)

3) Reopen Stores List:

  • Izumigo Kiyosato-Kogen Hotel
  • Izumigo NeoOriental Resort Yatsugatake-Kogen Cottage
  • Izumigo Ambient Tateshina Hotel
  • Izumigo Ambient Tateshina Cottage
  • Izumigo Ambient Azumino Hotel
  • Izumigo Ambient Azumino Cottage
  • Izumigo Ambient Izu-Kogen Main Hotel
  • Izumigo Ambient Izu-Kogen Annex Hotel
  • Izumigo Ambient Izu-Kogen Cottage
  • Izumigo Lake Hamana Sazanamikan Hotel
  • Izumigo Altia Toba Hotel
  • Izumigo Wan’s Resort Lake Yamanakako
  • Izumigo Wan’s Resort Jougasakikaigan
  • Izumigo Yatsugatake-Kogen Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Izu-Kogen Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Toba Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Takayama Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Matsusaka Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Azumino Dog Paradise
  • Izumigo Tateshina Dog Paradise

About the above, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us:

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Depending on the Japanese Government Regulations, the Notice is subject to change. Please keep track  with our new development.

Always at your service.

Best regards,

Izumigo Hotels & Resorts

20, May, 2020

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