For our Guests:

For our guests who plan to make reservation with us or already booked our hotel/cottage room. We kindly ask you, if you feel sick (fever with strong malaise and breathing difficulty or other symptoms, for your own healthy, we suggest your cancel the reservation and stay home, take a rest by yourself.

For our customers who already made reservation, please feel free to contact with us. So in extraordinary times, the cancellation money would be free by reason of biliousness.

※Tips: This cancellation rule only allow with direct reservation (do not include travel agency).

Information about our employees doing to prevent CORONAVIRUS infection

For provide our guests comfort and safety. We intensified hygiene inspection of all public space (include guests room, dining room and other public space) is being carried out. We also setting the disinfection in our hotel/cottage for hand sanitizer.

For identify the source of infection, please be understanding that our employees will wear a disposable face mask in public space (ex. Front, dining room and other public space).

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Always at your service.

Best regards,

Izumigo Hotels & Resorts


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