Sakura Special

Yatsugatake, Kiyosato

Large Cherry Blossom Tree of Shinden

A 370-year-old cherry tree from the Edo Period which blooms beautifully with Yatsugatake and the Southern Japanese Alps in the background. A single cherry tree that colors the magnificent view in sublime shades of spring. A beautiful scene on the level of being a natural monument and treasure of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Jindai Cherry Blossom at Jissouji Temple

See the fantastic blossoms of Japan’s oldest cherry tree, which is 2000 years old and one the of the three great cherry trees of Japan. The blossoms are also in exquisite harmony with the snow-draped Southern Alps, daffodils, and tulips.

Shosenkyo Kanazakura Shrine Annual Spring Festival

When at their peak in mid-April, around 500 cherry blossom trees of various varieties bloom in the area surrounding Kanazakura Shrine within “Shosenkyo”, said to be the best ravine in Japan. Along with the familiar pink cherry blossoms you can also see the large, pale-yellow flowers of the ukon-zakura variety of tree. Come and experience a slightly different type of cherry blossom viewing while listening to the sounds of the river.

Season: Late April–early May

Kiyoharu Art Colony

A beautiful row of cherry trees that bloom accompanied by Parisian scenery and in harmony with Mount Kaikoma of the Southern Japanese Alps before your eyes. Designated as a natural monument of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Nagano, Tateshina

Takato Sakura Festival

Long called the “world’s best cherry blossoms”, roughly 1500 cherry trees bloom within Takato Castle Park. One of the cherry blossom spots that represents Nagano Prefecture.

Season: Early–mid-April

Ueda Castle Thousand Cherry Blossom Festival

Come and enjoy the Thousand Cherry Tree Festival at Nagano Prefecture’s Ueda Castle, built by famous Warring States era commander Sanada Masayuki. Along with seeing the beautiful sight of roughly one thousand cherry trees, including those of the Yoshino, weeping, and ukon-zakura varieties, seemingly bury Ueno castle within their petals, you can also try wearing Sanada army armor, and partake in Sanada ninja-troop ninja training for free as well.

Season: Early–mid-April

Nagano, Azumino

Cherry Blossom at Matsumoto Castle

Centered around the castle tower of Nagano Prefecture’s Matsumoto Castle, one of the Four Great Castles of Japan, cherry blossoms bloom within Honmaru and Chuo Parks and along the walkway that traces the moat. The moat’s beautiful path of cherry trees is lit up, enveloping the jet black Matsumoto Castle in beautiful light.

Season: Mid–late April

Shizuoka, Izu-Kogen

Izu-Kogen Cherry Blossom Festival

Come and see a fantastic 3-kilometer tunnel created by Ookan-zakura cherry trees that can only be seen in Izu, famous resort and birthplace of Yasunari Kawabata’s 1926 short story “The Dancing Girl of Izu”. Furthermore, once you pass through the tunnel, 1500 cherry trees of 40 different varieties bloom one after another, coloring the area pink in Spring.

Season: Mid-March to early April

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Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

Be sure to see the 800 Kawazu cherry trees that blossom alongside the rape-flowers that line the roughly 4-kilometer stretch between Kawazu Station on the Izu Express Line and the main area beside the Izu river. From 6 PM every night the rows of cherry trees, along with famous trees, are lit up.

Season: Feb 10th–Mar 10th

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Shizuoka, Hamanako


Hamamatsu Flower Park

Enjoy both cherry blossoms and tulips at this famous spring location chosen as one of Japan’s 1000 flower viewing scenes. Several types of cherry trees grow here, and the spot is highly recommended for the spring colors of Lake Hamana.

Season: Late-March to mid April

Hamamatsu Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Located in the heart of Hamamatsu City, Hamamatsu Castle Park is surrounded by rich greenery. The park surrounds Hamamatsu Castle, built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, and is filled with color by around 340 cherry trees. During the festival period you can also enjoy night-time viewings by the light of the park lanterns until 9:00 PM.

Season: Late March to mid-April

Mie, Toba

Isuzugawa Sakura Festival

Enjoy some bright spring time while viewing the approximately 200 cherry trees that bloom along the truly Edo style Isuzu River. After enjoying the blossoms, head to Okage Yokocho to relax and feel as though you have slipped back in time.

Season: Timed with the main bloom

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