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2018 / 02 / 23

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CEO Message

A resort aiming to return to its roots and be loved by successive generations

“Let's get back to the fundamentals as a service provider!"  Since the establishment of our company in 1970, we have been able to continuously provide service to our customers through our resort over the span of many years thanks to the gift of continued support from our many customers and staff alike. I offer my sincere gratitude.

Since our company was founded, 46 years have passed. We've been able to adapt our services according to the changes in lifestyle, living environment and values brought forth by the ever-changing times. The rapid spread of the internet in recent years perfectly symbolizes these changing times. Under the circumstances, it is possible to become over influenced by the changing times and lose sight of the fundamentals as service providers. This can disconnect us from our customers and we can end up forcing unneeded services upon them. In order for us to provide excitement and be appreciated by our customers, we must collectively go back to the basics as service providers and apply that to our daily operations to provide the best service we can. We will also be a "Good Company" by taking care of our business partners and employees in addition to our customers. We will continue to meticulously implement each of the "Seven Basic Policies" that was determined with the goal of becoming the most popular resort destination with customers in the industry.

Some of our very first customers from over 40 years ago are now bringing their grandchildren, making this "a resort that is loved across multiple generations." That is precisely what makes our company special.  We will build our reputation by continuing to provide wonderful services that will bring joy and fulfillment to everyone's lives. I can assure you of that.

January 2021

C'est la vie Resort Izumigo Co., Ltd.

Kenichi Hamaguchi, President & CEO


In 1970, we developed the area around the southern foot of Mt Yatsugatake, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, and established the "Yatsugatake Central Sightseeing” company.  We aim to manage vacation homes occupation, and tourism in the region. As Japan is going through social changes such as the oil shock, we revised the conception of a unique vacation homes rental system and in about ten years we’ve grown to become the largest vacation homes renting company in Japan. Then, in addition to expanding the rental vacation homes business to nature-rich resort locations such as Tateshina Kōgen, Izu Kōgen, and Azumino, the company name was changed to "Izumigo Co., Ltd." in 1989. This name embraces the meanings and will to gather people together in a natural environment where beautiful waters gush forth. We always strive to improve our business and therefore expanded our resort hotel facilities to Toba, Azumino, and then Tateshina Kōgen. In the year 2000, we opened "Dog Paradise," a resort —the first in the industry—where you can stay with your pet dogs, and in 2017 seven facilities of this kind are operational and the number of guests exceeded one million. Furthermore, in order to fully satisfy the travelers’ needs, we merged with C'est La Vie Resort Co., Ltd. In 2003, owner of numerous popular restaurants and pubs. The current company name, "C'est La Vie Izumigo Co., Ltd.," retains the names of both companies, integrating the strengths of the accommodation industry and the catering industry. As a result, we are a resort hotel group that is also specialized in catering. Currently, we have expanded our resort hotel group to nine locations nationwide. In addition, we also cover the real estate activity centered on vacation homes renting and a membership system that rewards our customers. We are happy to operate a stable business based on these three main activities.

Company Outline

Company Name

C'ést la vie Resort Izumigo


4th September 1970


1st April 2003

Representative Director

Kenichi Hamaguchi


7.8 million yen


77 billion yen(as of May 2020)


447 (as of December 2020)

Registration Nos.

Real Estate Brokerage License Number | Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (3) #6495

Registered Architectural Firm | Governor of Yamanashi #1-281983

Travel Agency Registration Number | Governor of Tokyo | Registered Travel Agency #2-6364


Nagoya branch


6th floor Nissei Otsuka Ekimae Building, 2-45-8 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima ward, Tokyo