Tateshina is a quaint town in Nagano Prefecture famous for its apple orchards and is surrounded by mountains. Dotted by lakes, with the beautiful lakes of Tateshina and Megami complementing the rugged Mount Tateshina, the environment here is a photography haven. The nearby Kita-Yatsugatake Ropeway provides a picturesque and panoramic view of the impressive Yatsugatake Mountains and its snow-capped peaks in winter. Hotel Ambient Tateshina brings you facilities that can enhance your stay in the region – enjoy a rejuvenating hot spring bath while gazing upon the mountains and lakes.


Hotels Tateshina

Izumigo, AMBIENT Tateshina Hotel

Tateshina highland is an area with beautiful larch and white birch forests, and a different face for each season. Izumigo, Ambient Tateshina Hotel stands on the ridge of Megamiko Lake, and all guest rooms offer views of the lake and Mount Tateshina. The glass church called Crystal Church standing in the center of the hotel […]

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Cottages Tateshina

Izumigo, AMBIENT Tateshina Cottage

Feel at home with nature at this lush mountain resort in Tateshina, where cottages and hotels are surrounded by greenery. We offer spacious rooms that are perfect for families and groups. In addition, our cottages provide complete privacy for guests who wish to relax away from the bustle of city life. There are food options […]

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Dog Paradise Tateshina

Izumigo, Tateshina Dog Paradise

Get in touch with nature and enjoy away from the bustling city life. With endless space for your dog to roam, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation.

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Model Courses

Chill-Out in Tateshina ~ Summer Resort in Japan

Highlights :The sea of trees in summer/Haves in full green/The most beautiful pond in japan/Summer Resort food.

Special Service for Izumigo Hotel Ambient Tateshina Guests: Nature Guide JPY 5000 (include tickets and lunch)