Toba is a coastal city in the Kansai region where a sea of endless blue greets every visitor. Famous for its women ‘ama’ divers, Toba was the first place in the world to have cultured pearls. Visitors are able to watch the ama perform pearl-collecting shows, and also see the pearls being processed. To see them working in their natural environment, head to nearby fishing villages such as Ijika and Adako to catch them collecting abalone and seaweed. At Hotel Altia Toba, wake up to the pristine Toba Bay from the comfort of your room and make your experience a memorable one.


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Izumigo, Altia Toba Hotel

Each room at the Izumigo Altia Toba Hotel resort features an ocean view of Ise Bay. In addition to the Ise Shrine famous for its place in Japanese history, you’ll also find a variety of activities such as a theme park, aquarium, and pleasure cruises. Those aren’t the only appealing points. The hotel’s proximity to […]

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Dog Paradise Toba

Izumigo, Toba Dog Paradise

Admire the stunning Toba Bay from Toba Dog Paradise where the freshest food is served for you and your pet dog. Spend your day along the coastline and explore the spacious region with your dog.

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