Welcome to Our resort cottages. Izumigo cottages provide comfort and hospitality in one, with added privacy and space for larger groups. Enjoy the special cottage party with our Japanese cottage dinner.


Cottages Yatsugatake

Izumigo, AMBIENT Yatsugatake Cottage

Izumigo AMBIENT Yatsugatake Cottage (Former title: Neo Oriental Resort Yatsugatake-Kogen Cottage) is surrounded on all sides by mountains, and its environs are major resort areas in the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. In cottages in the middle of the great outdoors, you are awakened in the morning to the chirping of birds and can breathe the […]

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Cottages Azumino

Izumigo, AMBIENT Azumino Cottage

Izumigo AMBIENT Azumino Cottage are located on a mountainside that looks out on Mount Jonendake, which provides relaxing elements to those visiting here for all four seasons. Its location is an extraordinary place that offers smooth access to tourist spots such as Kamikochi, Utsukushigahara, Tateyama, and Kurobe, as well as Azumino. The hotel also has […]

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