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Yamanashi, Yatsugatake

Veruga (Verdant Garden) in Hakushu

A colossal 198,000 square-meter play spot next to the Ojira River, known for its famous water! Have fun playing in the river in the five different Zones, including the Riverside Zone.

Makiba Park

Interact with animals and enjoy magnificent nature and sprawling meadows at this park created by opening up part of the Yatsugatake ranch at the Southern foot of Yatsugatake.

Yamanashi, Kiyosato

Nature Guide Walking

Specialist guides will take you to scenic spots while telling you about the various birds, flowers, and trees. Walking courses are made to match the physical fitness levels of participants, so even first-time hikers can join the tours with peace-of-mind.

Segway Park Ride

A guided tour on segways that takes you through forest pathways where you can feel the nature of each of the four seasons. Please enjoy the wild grasses and flowers that can only be seen here.

High Rail 1375

At its highest point the Koumi line reaches an elevation of 1375 meters above sea level, the highest of any JR train. From your window the plentiful natural beauty of Shinshu stretches out before you, including Yatsugatake and the Chikuma River. Within the train enjoy a full range of charming attractions, including a brunch menu and desserts, and a gallery that displays the starry sky on the ceiling.

Nagano, Tateshina

Horseriding at Nagato Farm

Experience horseback riding at Nagato Farm on the Shinshu Shirakaba Highlands at an elevation of 1400 meters. Riding lessons are also included, so first-time riders need not worry. Take a stroll on horseback through the 211-hectare farm (roughly the size of 45 Tokyo Domes).

Kayaking on Lake Hamanako

Leisurely explore the still waters of Lake Megami which reflect the image of Mount Tateshina, the “Mountain of Goddesses”! Recreational kayaks, which can be enjoyed by anyone, are used, so everyone from children to adults can enjoy this outdoor experience.

Tateshina-brand Wagyu BBQ

The barbeque house, which can accommodate up to 72 people, is covered, so it can be used worry-free during rainy periods as well and is perfect for families or large groups. Also, you can bring your dog with you to enjoy the open BBQ space surrounded by trees as well.

Nagano, Azumino

Great Alps Adventure

A park rich in greenery that utilizes the wonderful natural environment of Shinshu Azumino with the theme of “The realization of rich leisure activities surrounded by nature and culture”. Also, a nature experience program is held each season, and the charm of Azumino, including the lights of the starry sky and fireflies, and flowing water of the Northern Alps, is also presented through illumination.

Daio Wasabi Farm Tatekawa Clear Boat Experience

Come enjoy the clear boat experience on the “Tatekawa” spring water river, which flows through Azumino City, one of Japan’s prominent wasabi producing regions, at the foot of the Northern Alps, and was chosen as one of the “100 Famous Waters”. You can peer through the window on the bottom of the boat to see the view under the water.

Shinano-An Bicycle Rental Walks

Cut through the air on a bicycle and feel a peaceful atmosphere throughout your entire body while enjoying the food, history, and nature of Azumino City which was blessed with clean air, water, and natural beauty at the foot of the Northern Alps.

Alkuma Hot Air Balloon Experience

Why not look out upon the beautiful Azumi Basin each season from the sky above the trees and sea at the foot of the Northern Alps? Hot air balloons, kept in place by a rope, rise to a height of around 30 meters. Even small children can see a wonderful view from the window in the door. Come and feel the healing powers of the earth throughout your whole body!

Horse Land Azumino Horse Riding Experience

A spot where you can enjoy horseback riding in the refreshing Azumino area with the grand natural beauty of the majestic Northern Alps in the background. Children will also be thrilled to be able to interact with the cute ponies. Have a relaxing time while enjoying a view of the Northern Alps.

Shizuoka, Izu-Kogen

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Kuraya Narusawa Tea Picking

Experience picking tea in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan’s top tea producing region, while wearing proper tea-picker clothing. Those who try tea picking are given a souvenir. 1. A tea picking souvenir original hand towel (hood). 2. 20g of sencha tea produced at the factory. 3. The tea leaves picked during the tea picking experience.

Hideaway Beach “Motoya-no-Hama” Snorkeling

The ocean by the Jogasaki coast and Yawatano is outstandingly clear! At the hidden beach “Motoya-no-hama”, only accessible by boat, have a relaxing time snorkeling with our veteran staff.

Ⓒ Kazuya_Furaku

Japan’s #1 Interactive Granillumi ~ 3rd Season

6 million light bulbs covering an area roughly twice the size of the Tokyo Dome (80,000㎡) create a massive and beautiful three-dimensional world of illumination. With many attractions such as wire ropes and jump lines set up, you can experience the illumination from many different angles.

Mount Omuro Archery Experience

Ride the lift to the peak of Mount Omuro! On the top of Mount Omuro, made famous in the anime film “Your Name”, experience archery at the archery field that uses the bowl-shaped crater not found anywhere else.

Shizuoka, Hamanako

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Fly through the Sky! Lake Hamana Paragliding School

Ride the refreshing wind and look at the exquisite view of Lake Hamana, Japan’s tenth-largest lake, called the lake of the sea, and the Act Tower from high in the sky. An instructor is with you, so you do not need any skill or a license! After basic practice, take off from 300m up! On days with nice weather you can even see Mount Fuji! ♪


Enjoy marine leisure activities such as speed boating and parasailing, along with various other marine activities like banana boating and cruises. Experience Lake Hamana in many ways.

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Mie, Toba

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Welcome to Ama Hut “Hachiman Kamado”

Along the ocean at Tobajima, experience the over 2000 years of history of the Ama who live in Isejima! Wear Ama clothing and, while listening to the stories of the Ama within the Ama hut Kamado, enjoy fresh hand-cooked seafood.

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Seaweed Forest See-through Kayaks

Row out in a see-through kayak, and if you peek down by your feet, you can see the seaweed and encounter marine life. Even beginners to kayaking can easily participate.

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Boat Fishing Tour with a Fisherman

A boat fishing experience with a fisherman. Casually experience the feeling of authentic fishing. As the fisherman is with you, first-timers and children can also participate worry-free.

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Japanese-Style Bonsai / Group Planting Experience

Experience the traditions of Iseji. Take lessons to create original Japanese-style bonsai and group plantings using various plants, flowers, and mosses, and introduce plants into your daily life.

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