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1. Izumigo Hotel Altia Toba

1061-9 Arashimacho, Toba, Mie

Each room at the Izumigo Hotel Altia Toba resort features an ocean view of Ise Bay.

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2. Ise Jingu Shrine

1 Ujitachichō, Ise, Mie
Home of Amaterasu Omikami a Shinto goddess and the mirror, "Yata no Kagami", one of the three sacred treasures of Japan. The shrine is located along the Isuzu river and at the foot of Mt. Kamiji, surrounded by dense forest and gravel paths lining the shrine's road.

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3. Okage Yokocho

52 Ujinakanokirichō, Ise-shi, Mie
Located in the middle of Monzen-cho, Ise Jingu Naiku. Buildings from the Edo and Meiji period were transferred or rebuilt here. The name 'Okage Yokocho' means 'gratitude' and was derived from the fact that Ise's specialty "Akafuku sweet shop" was able to continue trading for more than 300 years,  as well as the Okage-mairi pilgrimages in the late Edo and early Meiji periods.

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4. Ise Jingu Shrine: Geku, Toyoke Shrine

 279 Toyokawacho, Ise, Mie 

Toyoke Dai Okami, the god of clothing, food, and shelter, is worshipped here. There is a huge Japanese cedar tree at the foot of Mt. Takakura and flocks of hens which you can sometimes encounter on your way to the shrine. In June, beautiful iris flowers bloom alongside Magatama Pond. Sengukan was established in 2013 on the side of the pond to memorialize the Shikinen Sengu.

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5. Akafuku Honten

26 Ujinakanokirichō, Ise, Mie
Akafuku Honten has run their business for over 300 years in the shrine town Oharai machi, in front of Ise Jingu. Their Akafuku mochi is popular nationwide and known as the souvenir of Ise. It is a small rice cake surrounded by a red sweet beans paste. The shop here was built in 1877 and still has the atmosphere of the old tea house. Tsuitachi mochi is only made on the first day of each month and is so popular that customers make a line to buy the mochi from very early in the morning.

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6. Ise Azuchi-momoyama Jokagai

1201-1 Futamichō Mitsu, Ise-shi, Mie
A castle town that feels like you have stepped back in time. Nobunaga Oda,  one of the most famous samurai shoguns, created Azuchi castle. In the town under the castle, you can experience Ise's gourmet food, hot springs, and the live performances of the samurai and ninja.

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7. Meoto Iwa

Futamichoe, Ise, Mie

Meoto Iwa symbolizes a married couple tightly bound together by a continuous rope as a symbol of a happy and strong marriage.

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8. Toba Aquarium

3 Chome-3-6 Toba, Toba-shi, Mie | 9am–5pm

Japan's best aquarium! This indoor aquarium keeps about 1,200 different types of species of here and has a total length of about 240 meters and a 1.5 km walkway. The place is divided into 12 sections according to the animals species, habitat, and surroundings. You can see a seal performance show, and dugongs which are kept only in this aquarium. Sea otters, finless porpoises and catfish are also very popular with visitors.

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